Xtek Solution Limited is a private company with multiple and diversified competencies in renewable energy solutions. With more than 10years’ experience, spanning across various organizations and households in Nigeria, we are trusted and well positioned in the supply, engineering, maintenance, repair of renewable power supply such as; solar panels, inverters, batteries. We have a team of highly trained and multi-skilled professionals poised to serve our clients with our high mix of customer service culture, sound technical skills and high level of professionalism, which uniquely endear us to our growing clientele. Our personnel revel in technical and management competences with hands-on and cognate experience in the power industry, which have been responsible for the delivery of several successful projects.

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We offer  advice and offer  sales of  renewable power solutions tailored to meet your needs. Renewable product we includes; solar panels, inverters, solar charge controllers, batteries etc.



We have dedicated  and highly skilled  team that works all round to offer deployment, installing  of renewable power solutions tailored to meet your power need



Our reposnive and Dedicated  Technical support team works all round to ensure your energy needs are constantly met

Why Choose Us

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Qualified Expert

Our team are proffesionals with many years of experience

Responsive Team

We are always on the go to get you your desired services

Workmanship Quality

We offer noting short of quality services

Affordable Package

Our services are affordable without compromise to quality

Quality Support

Our support work all round to ensure and offers quality support

Special Offer

No matter your need, we are ready to biuld solutions that meet your very specific need

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